Hey y’all! We are Amanda and Mattie Wilmoth–two redheaded sisters with one little dream–to share our love for cooking, family, and all the feel goods with all of you.

What’s that name about…?

That guy up there–his name was “Bull” and those girls up there–those are his daughters. You see, our old man was a bit of a local legend–at least in our eyes and people generally only knew him by his nickname–Bull–some say because of his size, others for his demeanor. Either way, once you met him, you did not forget him–and we think you’ll think the same about visiting Bull Babies.

Food has a special ability to bring people together–it always did for us. The best of times were shared around a family table filled with laughter, love, quick jabs, and the most delicious food–generally followed by an afternoon nap or two.

While we don’t offer a comfy couch, we do offer a casual gourmet southern comfort meal that is sure to make you feel like you are right at our table–filled with laughter, delicious food and if you are lucky–a few quick jabs.

Throughout the week, you can find quick grab and go items to get you on your way and an assortment of brag-worthy baked good. On the weekends, we shift gears a bit and offer all day brunch and beers–sure to complete your weekend.

Brunch–because you deserve it.